With the explosion of social networking sites over the past few years, many discussions have been made about the relevance of email marketing in today’s socially connected world. The fact is, email will likely never go out of style; and here is why:

140 character blips will never get the full message across when it comes to business. It might spark ta customer’s interest enough to ask for more information, but you will never be able to totally conduct your business through Tweets or posts on a Facebook wall.

The jury is still out on Google Wave. No one really seems to understand when or how to use it for business. It will never replace standard email.
When your customer visits your website and wants more information about a product, do they run to Twitter to ask you questions? No, they may ask for feedback from Twitter users about your product or your business, but when it comes right down to getting more information, they turn to email.

The truth is that email always will be a major component of online marketing. Social marketing is like a broadcast system that is sent out to the masses. Email is still considered a direct one-on-one contact with a customer. It is private and personal. That is the reason many people are reluctant to give up their email addresses to businesses.
What can email marketing do for your business that Twitter and Facebook can’t

Provide customer service. Email is still the best way to follow up with an existing customer after the sale is completed.

Up sell additional services. Email marketing is an excellent way to let your buyers know about other services your business may offer that they were not aware of. You can offer incentives to your buyers to add-on services to their existing purchase which will increase your revenue.